At freshcoat, we do things a little differently. You know why? We have done our research and it’s time for nail care to evolve!

Here’s what we’ve discovered, we call them the “3 NO’s to know" when it comes to nail care:

  • NO Soaking: Each treatment starts with slipping your fingers and toes into collagen gloves and socks. They soften, restore and repair. Traditional pedicures wastefully soak your feet in up to 15 gallons of water and expose you to fungus and bacteria. We are so passionate about conserving our precious resources that a percentage of each treatment is donated to which brings clean drinking water to those in need.
  • NO Snipping: Your cuticles are nature's front line. Snipping a protective barrier, like your cuticles, gives an entrance to potentially harmful infection.
  • NO Sharing: We love the world and we like to share in a positive way. The one thing we won’t share is the tools for our treatments. We use only recyclable and disposable tools made of biodegradable material - this means single use only.

At freshcoat we produce our own products with only the finest ingredients. Our custom polishes are 10-free, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan. They deliver a dramatic finish with rejuvenating ingredients that help nourish the nails and cuticle. Our highly-pigmented colors result in long-lasting wear.


We are always conscious of our guests, our materials and our environment.


Meet the visionaries behind freshcoat.

Founders, Karoline Menacher and Missy Krantz, are both busy mothers with full-time careers who similarly discovered during their respective experiences, that the majority of nail salons both in and out New York, felt old and tired and seemed to be channeling environments, practices and a mindset stuck firmly in the past.

Karoline, a commercial interiors designer and space planner, has worked at the cutting edge of her industry. With an acute sensitivity to how the utilization of light and space informs mood and experience, she looked to create a salon environment whose integration of beauty and utility could create a sense of relaxation and ease. 

Missy is a speech-language pathologist and founder of New York’s Language Lab, where she has created a fun, safe environment, tailored to address the stress and stigma felt by both the parents and their children who require services. Missy and the staff produce a positive client experience and understand that building confidence is as much a part of the process as providing treatment. 

Both Missy and Karoline bring to freshcoat, an entrepreneurial spirit and firmly held principles that they have successfully brought to their work and which informs the core principle of freshcoat, an understanding that wellness begins with innovation and ends with a positive customer experience.